Carpet flooring probably isn’t the most exciting conversation piece. In fact, it’s hardly even an afterthought until new flooring is needed.

Which is actually too bad, as many recent innovations would likely turn heads if they hadn’t slipped callously under the radar. Indeed, there are exciting new reasons to consider carpet flooring, even if your home isn’t actually due for a refresh yet. Here are a few of our favorites.

Carpet And Air Filtration


Stain Resistance

The ease of getting stained is probably the top reason . However, this is no longer the case for modern selections. In fact, newer carpet lines resist stains right down to the very fibers. Unlike traditional carpet flooring, our Performance Destination carpet implements technologies like ScotchGard and __ actually prevent fibers, even at the smallest level, from absorbing moisture. In the short term, this means spills can be cleaned up much more quickly. In the long run, it means that no stains will remain after a quick cleaning.

But what about the subfloor?

Waterproof Carpet

Even more than stains, we often worry about the mold that could be creeping underneath our carpet after a particularly nasty spill. Fortunately, modern innovations also take care of this problem. LifeGuard by Shaw Floors is one of many technologies that actually implement completely waterproof backing with carpet flooring. Total fiber coverage actually keeps liquids of all types (not just water) on top of the carpet until it’s cleaned away with ease. Even if it manages to seep through this barrier, it’ll still have to pass through the pre-coat before finally getting stopped indefinitely by the waterproof backing.

Pet Friendly

We love our pets like family. However, they (like family) can mean a mess for our carpet flooring. However, the new Happy Pets™ carpet selection has a few innovations of its own to help change that. For example, the SmartStrand® Forever Clean™ fiber is unbelievably easy to clean – even pet messes, whether dander or accidents. Even better, Nanoloc™ spill protection maintains the soil resistance permanently.


One of carpet flooring’s longstanding strengths is its comfort – both walking and sitting. While this may be common knowledge, many don’t realize just how comfortable modern carpet has become. In fact, memory foam has become a hot new backing for carpet flooring, especially now that it can be designed to prevent moisture. Be sure to take a look at our Soft Destination to learn more.


Even the most subtle patterns can set the tone for your home’s sense of style. Carpet is available in a variety of traditional and classic patterns and colors. In fact, we have an entire Pattern Destination dedicated to the beautiful patterns and styles found in modern soft surface flooring.

Learn More

To learn more about modern carpet flooring, read this handy guide. To browse the vast selection of styles and features available, be sure to stop by our showroom in Flint, Michigan or Kokomo, Indiana today!



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